French Toast

So my family wanted something different for Breakfast this morning, I personally feel like cereal is a great and easy choice, but of course they wanted Mama to cook them something special. My daughter gave me her puppy dog eye, to which my husband followed. OK! Let me see what I can whip you up for a special breakfast because I love you so much ;) 

I love the Sugar and Spice season from Wildtree its just perfect for that extra edge of healthy sweetness! 

So I made our bread from scratch, I slice it just thick enough to hold the liquid.

Then I take 2 eggs, Half a cup of milk, and 1 tblspn of the Spice and mix.

Mix them up really good, till they are just a little fluffy.

I pour some on a plate to cover one half of the bread.

Then place your sliced bread on top of the egg. 
(again you can use regular store bought bread)

Then pour more over it to make sure its all covered. Then place in the pan with a little butter so it doesn't stick. (or you can use a little bit of coconut oil as well.) 

Let each side cook for about 5-6 mins depending o how hot your pan is. Then place on a plate for consumption! 

TADA!!! There you go! Yummy breakfast your family will enjoy! 

My family loved them and because I cut them on the thicker side they cooked just right, and they wanted seconds! To add a little more sweetness you can sprinkle powdered sugar on them like I did :) 

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